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Why move to Bournemouth?

By Sue Loftus
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From its beautiful sandy beaches, to the towns vibrant nightlife, Bournemouth has a lot to offer every individual. Whether you're looking for somewhere pleasant and quiet to retire or somewhere to start a family, Bournemouth has something for everyone.

Bournemouth is well renowned for its glorious beaches stretching almost 9 miles across the coast, from Christchurch in the east, all the way to Sandbanks in the west. Here in Bournemouth we boast a range of attractions across the coast, whether you're looking for somewhere nice to get something to eat or planning a day trip with the family, our beaches can accommodate you for either, with numerous restaurants and bars as well as a zip line, surf reef and various beach activities.

However, our beaches are not the only thing we here in Bournemouth prize ourselves on. In the town center there are countless numbers of high street shops. As well as local businesses and its award winning pleasure gardens and Bourne river that flows through the heart of town. Not to mention our forever growing highly acclaimed clubbing and nightlife, including numerous bars, nightclubs and events in and around the town. Whether you're looking for the best music, good vibes or just entertainment in general then look no further as here in Bournemouth we can accommodate you whatever mood you're in.

Looking away from Bournemouth’s lovely beaches and buzzing nightlife, we are blessed with a number of sports facilities, sports clubs and outside space. With numerous golf courses, football and rugby grounds and parks you will never be left short of space for a dog walk or even a picnic in the summer months.

As well the countless amount of attractions, Bournemouth also gives great pleasure in offering a number of highly regarded and up and coming schools for all ages, including the boys and girl’s grammar schools, private schools and academies.

So, why not move to Bournemouth? 

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